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Linux Cluster Management Console (LCMC) — by Abdul Jabbar

What is Linux Cluster Management Console (LCMC).. ? The Linux Cluster Management Console (LCMC) was initially developed by Linbit as DRBD GUI/MC. Linbit stopped it’s development in 2011. Since then the main developer Rasto Levrinc is continuing the work as fork as “LCMC”. The java-based GUI offer graphical installation and configuration of high availability Linux clusters. It supports configuration of the following software-components: Pacemaker,  Corosync , Heartbeat,  DRBD,  KVM,  Xen,  LVM,  LCMC communicates via SSH with the servers. The used commands are visible on a…

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Fedora 20 i686 Live AntiVirus Spin from WBITT Team!

Fedora 20 i686 Live AntiVirus Spin from WBITT Team!

Email Settings and Anonymous Signup – MantisBT – Bug Tracking System

After successful installation of MantisBT on CentOS 6. Now its time to setup some more things:

For Installation howto:


Email Settings:

For Email notifications, just start the postfix

Now edit Mail Settings accordingly:

# service postfix start

For Email Configurations:

# vim config_inc.php

$g_from_email = ‘’; # the “From: ” field in emails
$g_return_path_email = ‘’; # the return address for bounced mail

save and exit

Restart Apache

# service httpd restart

For using mail server other than localhost, select mailer method as PHPMAILER_METHOD_SMTP in config_inc.php file
Anonymous Signup:

Now Stop Anonymous Signup:

# vim config_inc.php

# — Anonymous Access / Signup —
$g_allow_signup = OFF;
$g_allow_anonymous_login = OFF;
$g_anonymous_account = ”;

save and exit

Restart Apache

# service httpd restart


Email Settings and Anonymous Signup – MantisBT – Bug Tracking System

Internet Governance can help develop a new social contract in Pakistan: AIS

Internet Governance can help develop a new social contract in Pakistan: AIS

*Calls for a responsible, transparent, inclusive national ICT policy

*ICT can spur economic growth and raise country’s GDP


Islamabad; May 10, 2014: Emergence of new mobile and Internet technologies like 3G or 4G might not transform anything in itself but its responsible, strategic and widespread usage has the potential of developing a vibrant, transparent and progressive new social contract amongst governments, private sector and communities in Pakistan.

The consensus emerged at Asia Internet Symposium held under the auspices of Pakistan Chapter of Internet Society at a local hotel on Saturday. The first AIS deliberated on “Internet Governance in Pakistan–building multi-stakeholders’ collaboration”.

Chairman PTA Dr Syed Ismail Shah, CEO of Nayatel Wahaj ul Siraj, regional director Asia Pacific Internet Society Rajnesh Singh, ICT Consultant Pervaiz Iftikhar, Member Ministry of IT Amir Malik, Google Pakistan consulant Badar Khushnood, DGH Legal PTA Ali Asghar, Corporat Head Telenor Aslam Hayat, Internet Policy Analyst Fouad Bajwa along with representatives from Internet Industry, government institutes, academic institutes, technical community, ITES (IT Enabled Services) Companies, civil society organizations and technology media deliberated during the one day symposium. Continue reading


YouTUBE Caching using Squid as a Transparent Proxy server

Umair Junaid

In this tutorial we will be creating a youtube caching server using squid and apache server

We will be using squid proxy server and apache php web server to redirect and store youtubevideos.
We will need

Server Machine with two NIC’s

eth0 (,, gw (eth0 WAN interface )

eth1 (, ( eth1 LAN interface for local clients)
Centos base OS installation ver 5

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Time to Replace Windows XP OS with Linux OS on same old PC’s

It is a right time to move for something very exciting stuff  “Open Source Software” by replacing Windows XP or Windows OS with Linux Operating System on same old PC without  paying Licensing fees.

After April 8th 2014, no support for Windows XP from Microsoft Inc. will be available for Windows XP users, also no security updates or patches for XP, no updates for MS Security Essential Anti Virus for Windows XP.

It is time for Windows users to spend huge money on purchasing new Microsoft Windows Operating system Licenses with Office productivity suites and antivirus solutions.  There are also organizations which need to upgrade or change their current hardware (computers / laptops) with new latest hardware because most of the new Operating Systems might not support old hardware, which is also a again investment.

Any guess about home users, how they will manage this situation, after the purchase of new Windows Operating system license the next question must be for home users; how to install the Operating system on your computer. Continue reading