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Samba Primary Domain Controller with LDAP How TO a replacement to Windows2003 / 2008 Active Directory Services

Samba Primary Domain Controller with LDAP How-TO  Written by: Muhammad Farrukh Siddique (LPIC) Scenario:   We are going to configure a Linux based Primary Domain Controller using Samba which will authenticate the domain users through LDAP Domain Name : OSFP.org.pk Hostname IP-Address OPerating System dns.OSFP.org.pk RedHat-5 ldap.OSFP.org.pk CentOS-5.3 client1.OSFP.org.pk Windows-XP-Service Pack2 client2.OSFP.org.pk Windows-XP-Service Pack2 Default Gateway os all the servers is which is the IP of DSL router for Internet

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